Registered on May 16th, 2012 under the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization in Yaoundé [Reg. No.: CE/GP/042/12/33050].
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Dear Viewer,
VOLUNTEER CAMEROON is welcoming you to the world of volunteering and particularly underprivileged communities in Cameroon. Founded on September 5th , 2011 by Burnley Ngembus in Tiko, South West Region, Cameroon. It takes at least a person to bring change in a community but a whole group of people is needed to convert the change into a sustainable development in a community. You are reading this website because you can bring change to our community. Likewise, we all MUST make the CHANGE to be sustainable to develop our community. Only EDUCATION through Teaching or Learning can bring change.

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A camp to encourage youths to engage in community projects of their own needs, Clean up campaign, Health talks and advice.

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Lunched in December 2015 to Promoting Youth Soccer and Good practices with a mission to harness the power of soccer against bad practices,

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Upcoming program to bring together trained nurses to provide free health care services to the grass root population in rural areas.

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Upcoming program to bring prominent people, role models to interact and inspire the youths in your our communities to succeed in life

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Upcoming program to bring together unemployed graduates to put their knowledge to test by organizing free teaching session for kids in the community.

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VOLUNTEER CAMEROON works in partnership with people of various backgrounds who voluntarily contribute their resources to promote Youths and Community activities to educate the grassroots inhabitants in the Cameroonian Communities as a whole through workshops, conferences, competitions etc. in the following fields:

- Information and Communication Technology,
- Environmental and Health Protection,
- Agriculture and Entrepreneurs
- Moral Ethics and Citizenship,
- Sports and Creativity.


Next Steps...

VOLUNTEER CAMEROON is open to share ideas and learn from experience organizations of similar motives. All the ideas contributed by the members of this group are on papers and preserved to serve other communities who will want to introduce same ideas on situations in their communities too.