Our Approach

VOLUNTEER CAMEROON is directly targeting the youths as vital tools to develop the community. We impact these youths with leadership skills that will eventually be used to strengthen the grass root population. We welcome ideas that will help simple understanding of the social, cultural, political and economic factors affecting communities to strengthen our awareness of our own potential power to overcome our own problems and fighting against bad practices in the communities.

We succeed in making our community a place to be... its a gradual process.

Meet the Team

Many youths have put their hands and commitments to value in making Volunteer Cameroon's activities a success. Not limited to the following persons below, many wonderful persons are behind the scene with extraordinary talents...

Burnley Ngembus

Burnley Ngembus

Founder & CEO

Juliene Akame

Julien Akame

Volunteering Assistant


Comfort Daru

Vice President

lucy Mbu

Lucy Mbu



Mana Ndam

Vice President

Celine Bessem

Celine Bessem

Volunteering Trainer


Eyong Enoh


Lysongo Oru

Lysongo Oru

Volunteering Director

Next Steps...