The VOLUNTEER CAMEROON is governed by a team of volunteers who give their all for the community for free. Every volunteer certainly needs the same basic materials to provide their services to the public. Though their services are considered voluntary, their efforts are not without compensation for housing, food, transportation, health up keeping and well being. Collective efforts, mutual respect of staff are key aspect to this team of volunteers.

VOLUNTEER CAMEROON is directly targeting the youths as vital tools to develop the community. We impact these youths with leadership skills that will eventually be used to strengthen the grass root population. We welcome ideas that will help simple understanding of the social, cultural, political and economic factors affecting communities to strengthen our awareness of our own potential power to overcome our own problems and fighting against bad practices in the communities.

Youths and the population in general are encouraged to connect with their community by being actively involved in community groups, nonprofits and volunteer activities. As a volunteer, you are special and we will be very grateful to have you in the family.


Volunteering with VOLUNTEER CAMEROON is simple and you don’t pay any fee. Your experience in any field of work like carpentry, building construction, painting, electricity, pedagogy, computer operations, nursing etc. is of great importance to benefit the community.

There are no requirements in order to become a volunteer.
- be at least 16 years of age and physically fit to work.
- be able to communicate in simple English/French (Reading & Writing)

� Fill out the recruitment form
� Present the form physically at the office for the fitness test.
� Selected persons undergo training as Volunteer Training.

Volunteer Placement:
Fulfilling the main objectives of recruiting, training and placing youths to provide volunteering services in their communities is paramount. After completing the training, the volunteers are sent into the field to work in community projects. All services provided by our Volunteers to the community are free of charge.

We know you are interested, just write to the following email and you will be contacted by email within 3 working day. ( )